Robot 2.0 Box Office Collection Total Business Worldwide Income Report

Robot 2.0 Box Office Collection Total Business Worldwide Income Report : Featuring south Indian superstar Rajinikanth, Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar, Hollywood actress Amy Jackson, Indian actor Sundhashu Pandey, Riyaz Khan and Kalabhavan Sajhori in the lead roles, second installment in ‘Robot’ film series is scheduled to hit screens on 27th April this year. The much anticipated Indian Sci-Fi celluloid is expected to earn a huge box office collection in one month. As the first part of the film collected more than Rs 100 crore at India’s box office, the new part is predicted to cross Rs 500 crore mark at the box office.

Robot 2.0 Theatre Occupancy

It won’t be surprising if the celluloid takes an earth-shattering start to its box office journey in India. The multi-lingual celluloid is going to break the records of previous south Indian films which emerged as the blockbuster films in the south Indian film industry. Titled as ‘Enthiran 2.0’, Rajinikanth starrer action flick may earn more than Rs 50 crore on the opening day. Public response is expected to soar on following day when the celluloid is expected to collected more than Rs 60 crore at India’s box office. Thus, the action offering will cross Rs 100 crore mark within two days.

More growth in the earnings is expected on weekend day when people will be having much free time to enjoy watching the film in theatres. On Sunday, the movie is going to witness the highest theatre occupancy in the cinema halls located across the states where the film will be released. Directed by renowned south Indian filmmaker S Shankar, the action celluloid will earn around Rs 75 crore on 3rd day and surpass Rs 150 crore mark at India’s box office in the first weekend. Below is the expected threatre occupancy which the movie may witness in initial three weeks.

First Day  75-85%
Second Day  80-90%
Third Day  90-95%
Fourth Day  65-75%
Fifth Day  63-73%
Sixth Day  61-71%
Seventh Day  60-70%
Eighth Day  58-68%
Ninth Day  62-72%
Tenth Day  65-75%
Eleventh Day  57-67%
Twelfth Day  47-57%
Thirteenth Day  35-45%
Fourteenth Day  33-43%
Fifteenth Day  40-50%
Sixteenth Day  43-53%
Seventeenth Day  45-55%
Eighteenth Day  37-47%
Nineteenth Day  35-45%
Twentieth Day  34-44%
Twenty-First Day  33-43%

Robot 2.0 Box Office Collection

If the public response doesn’t decline in week days, the film will maintain consistency in its performance at the box office. There wouldn’t be a surge in the theatre occupancy on week days. With a steady decline in the public response on Monday, the second part of ‘Enthiran’ is expected to make a business of Rs 30 crore. On fifth day, the multi-starrer action celluloid may gross Rs 25 crore and take the total earnings beyond Rs 200 crore box office figure in just five days. Whether the film’s performance remains stagnant at the box office, it will cross Rs 250 crore mark within a week only.

2nd weekend will be helpful for the Indian celluloid to create history at the box office. As there’d not be any competitive film releasing on same date when ‘Enthiran 2.0’ will be released, Rajinikanth starrer action flick will once again face a drastic hike in the theatre occupancy in second weekend. The Tamil-Telugu language film is expected to garner a total amount of Rs 30 crore on 2nd Friday. Stagnancy in the public response will foster the movie’s earning on 2nd Saturday and the film may cross Rs 300 crore mark by the end of 9th day of its release in India. Below is the expected box office collection which the movie might earn in first three weeks.

Day 1  Rs 40 cr
Day 2  Rs 50 cr
Day 3  Rs 60 cr
Day 4  Rs 30 cr
Day 5  Rs 25 cr
Day 6  Rs 23 cr
Day 7  Rs 22 cr
Day 8  Rs 30 cr
Day 9  Rs 35 cr
Day 10  Rs 40 cr
Day 11  Rs 25 cr
Day 12  Rs 23 cr
Day 13  Rs 20 cr
Day 14  Rs 18 cr
Day 15  Rs 21 cr
Day 16  Rs 23 cr
Day 17  Rs 25 cr
Day 18  Rs 15 cr
Day 19  Rs 13 cr
Day 20  Rs 11 cr
Day 21  Rs 9 cr

Robot 2.0 Total Collection

2nd Sunday will be the most profitable day for the cinema when it will again witness a massive increase in the number of footfalls in the cinema halls and multiplexes across the country. Immense public response on the tenth day of release is predicted to escalate the movie’s box office collection. The south Indian celluloid is expected to earn an income of Rs 35 crore on 10th day of release. Thus, the movie will end up bagging a humongous amount of Rs 335 crore by the end of 2nd weekend.

Produced under the banner of ‘Lyca Productions’, the growth rate of film’s business may decline in the week days of 2nd week. After collecting a plenteous income of Rs 335 crore in first week, the Tamil language cinema may collect an amount of Rs 20 crore on 11th day of its release. With consistent fall in the public response on following day, the Indian celluloid is predicted to make a business of Rs 15 crore on 12th day of release. On thirteenth day, there’d be more drop in the earnings and the movie may collected an income of Rs 13 crore. With further decline in the total collection, the multi-starrer film is predicted to earn Rs 10 crore amount on 14th day of its release in India. Thus, ‘Enthiran 2.0’ is expected to earn a total collection of Rs 400 crore in first two weeks. Below is the predicted box office collection which the celluloid is expected to earn in the international market.

1st Day  Rs 45 cr
2nd Day  Rs 55 cr
3rd Day  Rs 65 cr
4th Day  Rs 33 cr
5th Day  Rs 26 cr
6th Day  Rs 24 cr
7th Day  Rs 22.5 cr
8th Day  Rs 30.4 cr
9th Day  Rs 35.2 cr
10th Day  Rs 40.1 cr
11th Day  Rs 25.1 cr
12th Day  Rs 23.1 cr
13th Day  Rs 20.1 cr
14th Day  Rs 18.1 cr
15th Day  Rs 21.2 cr
16th Day  Rs 23.2 cr
17th Day  Rs 22.2 cr
18th Day  Rs 15.2 cr
19th Day  Rs 13.05 cr
20th Day  Rs 11.05 cr
21st Day  Rs 9.05 cr

Note : Newest box office figures will be updated soon.

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